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Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer Alright, so I hate to admit that I love Twilight. Now when I say Twilight, I mean the BOOKS, not the movies. Two totally different things. So, ask me if I like the book, I'd say I loved it, ask about the movie, I'd say it's something I like to watch when I need to laugh. A LOT. But anyway, to my review of the book. I read this years ago, when it first came out, before all the hype and "vampire craze" began. I read it in a day, I loved it so much. Since then, it's probably one of the books I've read the most. I've re-read it countless times. The other books in the series are good too, but this one has always been my favorite. After I saw the movie, I couldn't look at this book for awhile. Every time I picked it up, I saw all the actors in my head and it totally ruined it for me. I had my own version of them all in my head and none of the actors fit my interpretation. But now, i've been able to move past that and actually enjoy the book again.
Twilight is basically a modern spin of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Isabella Swan isn't my idea of a heroine but she does have her moments. Edward, is Romeo. The perfect boy...if you find being a blood sucking vampire perfection...:) The two fall in love instantly, but of course, like any star-crossed lovers, they were doomed by the start. This book I say would appeal more to female readers, with the romance and all, but it could be guys too. There are some action packed parts that guys could enjoy.