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Devoted - Hilary Duff, Elise Allen Let me just start off by saying that this book was AMAZING!

Hilary Duff has alsways been one of my favorite celebrities, and in my opinion, is extremely talented. However, despite this, I was a little iffy when I first came across Elixir. I remember thinking the cover was super pretty, and then I see the author's name and my jaw dropped. Hilary Duff? SInce when does she write? Naturally I had to get it, even if I didn't think it would be all that good. But it was, indeed, very good. I was surprised, but gained even more respect for Hilary. So when Devoted came out, I just had to get my hands on it, and let me tell you, its even better than the first book.

In the book, Clea is searching for her soulmate Sage who had been taken by the so-called "Saviors" of Eternal Life. The Saviors, along with the Cursed Vengence (a.k.a. the 'CV') are groups that are after the Elixir of Life. Unfortuantely for them, the only source of the elixir runs through Sage's blood. The remainder of the elixir was used up long ago by a group of travellers who happened upon it. Cursed Vengence wants the elixir, but not so they could use it, but to destroy it. Why? The elixir cursed their group for centuries; the members could only live up to 30 and suffered strange, and horrid deaths. The Saviors want it because they are greedy and power hungry.

With both groups runnign around with the intent to kill her soulmate, Clea is desperate to get to Sage first. Only, it's not all that easy. She sets off on a journey to find him, along with Ben who is determined to right his past wrongs, and end up in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, they encounter the CV under an abandoned train station. Clea made a pact with the head leader, Sloane, to team up and help find Sage. Only once they found him, Clea would have to get Sage out of there before the CV has the chance to kill him.

Assuming you read the first book, you know that Clea and Sage are soulmates; in the real sense of the word. They keep finding eachother in all of their past lifetimes. Also, Ben has always been the cause of their misfortune in these lives. The only way that this bond of theirs can be truly severed and end the cycle is for one of them to sat they no longer wanted to be bonded to the other. This fact plays an essential role in the story when it comes to the Saviors and their plan (which I won't tell you :P) for Sage.

In this novel, we are also introduced to a new set of characters. They are a family who had once been Immortal but are now nothing but mere consciences. The mother (Petra), father, and grandfather all want the Saviors to succeed in their plans, while Amelia is opposed what they're doing to Sage. The famiyl had drank the Elixir centuries ago, but the elixir has been in their bodies for too long, shutting down their bodies. They believe that with the help of the Saviors, they can return to their bodies.

I got to say, I like Clea. However, there was this one scene in the book where she did something completely stupid out of jealousy. I wanted to slap her. It was ridiculous.

The end. Unbelievable. That's all I'm going to say on the subject. I think my jaw might have hit the ground; stupid cliffhangers!

If you haven't noticed already, I LOVED this book! Hilary Duff is an amazingly talented and I cannot wait for the next book of the series.