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Lost in Time

Lost in Time - Melissa  de la Cruz So I gave this book a 3 mainly because I honestly could not remember what the heck was going on. Being the 6th book in the series, I naturally read the other books some time earlier. I opened the book to the first page and drew a blank. Thankfully though, after getting a few pages into it, most of the storyline came back to me.

This series has never been one of my absolute favorites, but I always thought it was pretty good. Lost in Time takes place after Jack and Schulyer's bonding. They're finally together and you'd think everything would be alright now right? NOPE! Psycho Mimi wants revenge on Jack. They were supposed to have a blood trial to determine their fates, but Jack skipped out on it. However, as you go on in the book, Mimi decides to let Jack go and give up on her revenge. Why? Because she too has fallen in love with someone other than her bond-mate. Kingsley Martin. Unfortunately for her, Kingsley is currently in the Underworld. So, Mimi, along with Oliver, goes down to the Underworld to try adn get him out. Why does Mimi bring Oliver along? I'll just say one thing: A sacrifice needs to be made in order to get Kingsley back. Now at this point, I wanted to murder Mimi. I knew she was a...witch...but I never thought she could be capable of doing something like that. I mean, come on, Oliver is awesome and doesn't deserve to be sacrificed. I won't say much else on that topic, except that even the most wicked of people are full of surprises. ;)

What bothered me during this book was how Mimi was all mad at Jack for leaving her and running off with Schulyer, yet while at the same time, she was in love with Kingsley. A little hypocritical don't you think?

They were standing on a hill, looking down upon a tall city. Tartarus. The capital of Hell. “How strange,” Oliver said. “It looks exactly like New York.”

Once in the Underworld, Mimi and Oliver find Kingsley. But instead of finding him begging for a way out, he seems perfectly content with his new life in Hell.

My favorite part of the story was when they were telling Allegra's story. I found it the most interesting. It was so sad though. One minute I was all, "Awww!", and the next I was screaming (in my head obviously :P) "Oh My Gosh! That's horrible!"

Overall, I suppose I could have given the book a slightly higher rating had it not been for the fact that I couldn't remember any of the other books. I just turned 18 and I'm losing my memory already, ha! Keep on the look out for the last book in the series, expected to be released sometime next year.