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Clarity - Kim Harrington So when I first saw this book, I knew I just HAD to read it. The cover itself was incentive enough; it's being gorgeous and all. But the story inself was intriguing and I knew I just had to get my hands on it. So I did (finally!) yesterday, and could not put it down. I had pretty high expectations for this book and I was not let down. Kim Harrington did an excellent job with her debut novel, which delievered a fun, fresh story that was also daring and suspenseful.

Clarity "Clare" Fern's family is anything but ordinary. Her mother, brother, and herself all have unique psychic abilities--her mother can read minds, her brother is a medium, and Clare can see people's past with just a touch. The Fern family live in the small town of Eastport, where they run a family psychic reading business, and are considered freaks by locals, but adored by tourists. The little cape town is a tourist trap during certain times of the years so for the most part the family does really well. But when a teenage girl visiting the town is murdered in a local motel, things get strange. Clare is asked by her ex-boyfriend, Justin, to help solve the murder, by going behind the scenes. The two of them work with the new hot-shot detective's son (who just so happens to be strikingly handsome) to solve the case. Things get especially tough when Clare's brother Perry become's the police's top murder suspect.

Clare is an extremely likeable character. She just like a normal teenage girl, boy troubles and all, only she happens to have a awesome gift. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.Her gift has actually interfered with her ability to make friends. Her closet friends are her brother and his best friend Nate. She's witty, and always has snarky comebacks for those who mess with her or her loved ones. She also does not put up with those who mock their abilities. Perry was a bit of a player...okay not just a bit, he was a player, but he wasn't really a jerk. He was just...well, he was just an 18 year old guy, need I say more? I loved the close bond they had; you see it alot throughout the book.

And now, the guys. The inevitable love triangle. Well, there's the majorly sweet and smittened ex Justin, and then the mysterious and handsome Gabriel. As with all love triangles, you will be torn between these guys. Its no wonder Clare is so confused by her feelings. Both seem like great guys. I really liked Justin. When you find out why Clare broke up with him, you feel like you want to hate him, but he's so sweet and cares so much for her, that's it hard to. He made a mistake, one that Clare cannot forgive, but hopefully she'll be able to look past that one day. And Gabriel, he has a little past of his own. It's sad really. But because of this, he's very doubtful towards Clare's abilities and doesn't have much confidence in them at first. So naturally, they're attracted to eachother.

Overall, Clarity is an amazing book! It has the paranormal aspect, which is great, but its more of a mystery with a twist. And the love trianlge is always a plus, leaving you wonder, Who will she end up with? I am defintely eager to get my hands on the next book, but alas, it will have to wait until March 2012 :( What ever will I do with myself until then? Lol so anyway, if you have not yet read this book, DO IT NOW! You will not regret it. This is going down as one of my all time favorites.