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Perception - Kim Harrington After reading Harrington’s book Clarity, I was DYING for the next book. And I was not disappointed when I finally got my hands on it. Kim Harrington has a talent for keeping you guessing throughout her stories. There was never a second in Perception where I lost interest or became bored. I love Kim’s style of writing. When an author has the ability to write in a way that keeps you hooked on her every word and glued to your seat, you know they are something special; and talented. Reading her books, you don’t feel like you’re reading words on a page…how should I put this? It’s almost like you are in the book with the characters, picking up all the little clues and hints thrown at you along the way, and you’re trying to help put all the pieces together and help the characters, if that makes any sense haha.

But anyway, on to the book itself. You have most of the same characters, plus the introduction of a few new ones. I don’t really have anything bad to say about this book. It had me guessing up to the very end. I would definitely recommend this book and series to anybody; I feel as though it has a little bit of something for everyone. Yes, there is a love triangle, but when isn't there one? It’s a hard fact to face, but nowadays they are pretty much unavoidable in YA novels. I can’t say I was happy or disappointed with who Clare eventually chose.

I have to add, because I’m a major dork, that I got so excited by this ONE line from the book:
“You don’t realize it do you?”
I blinked twice. “Realize what?”
“What makes you different makes you beautiful.”

Now, I LOVED this because if any of you have ever seen the Princess Diaries, there’s a song in it called ‘What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)’ sung by the Backstreet Boys, who just so happen to be the love of my life (I’m pretty obsessed, have been since I was 4). So I have to give you huge points for that Kim, lol. I had a total BSB moment there and couldn’t stop singing the song after reading that line.

So back to the review, if you’ve read Clarity, then read this book. If you haven’t read Clarity, then read it, THEN read this book! You won’t be disappointed, and if you are then that’s okay too 