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Eternal Eden

Eternal Eden - Nicole  Williams I'm not even sure how to write a review for this book. I loved it so much that I'll either write too much and babble, or I'll write too little to avoid spoiling what is perhaps now my favorite book of all time.

Lots of people have compared this book to Twilight and I can see why. But the stories and characters are totally different. Course there are similarities, but to compare the two isn't really fair. (P.S. I like this book better! =P lol)

I have to admit, I am a sucker for the whole 'star-crossed' lover theme which is exactly what this book is about; it's a sappy love story between two star-crossed lovers. Its an addicting, beautifully written love story. It contains all the elements of a wonderful read from the well developed characters to the shock inducing, page turning, stomach churning twists. But don't let yourself be turned off by the words sappy love stroy. With its paranormal story line, from page one it was destined to be more than just another sappy love story.

The characters were all unique and very likeable, that is with the expection of the flithy slimeball John Townshend. More than once I felt the intense urge to shove him off a cliff with sharp pointy rocks at the bottom. Harsh maybe? Nah, I don't think so. If you read the book, then you'd know why I experienced such thoughts whenever this nauseating man entered the picture. Bryn Dawson, our leading lady; I liked her a lot. She was easy to relate to and led a rather tough life. She was rather insecure about herself, but depsite that, was always turning heads, though she could never understand what guys saw in her. William was our swoon worthy Romeo. His love for Bryn is so real and true that you can't not love him. He was so protective of him and so sweet, it makes a girl wonder if there is a William out there for her. Although, he had a kind of creepy Edward stalker vibe going on, but after reading the book, I can understand where he was coming from. Patrick! He's cocky, annoying, frustrating, immature...I love him! And then there is Paul...I kind of felt bad for him, though I didn't realize he cared so much for Bryn.

This book kept me guessing, laughing, and I'll admit, crying. It was amazing! I'm choosing not to write more because i don't want to spoil the story. I went into this book blind, and so should you. I got this book on my Kindle for free! I would gladly have paid more for it, but will make up for it by buying the next two books in the series.