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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington So this book: I really liked it, didn’t LOVE it, but liked it enough to give it 4 stars.

I really liked the plot of the story more than I thought I would; it was more dynamic than most other plots. Ploblems would happen, then, they would get solved and a new problem would surface. The story did revolve around one particular problem, but it didn’t suffocate the story; meaning, there was still room for other little complications to pop up here and there. Towards the end, you discover some slightly shocking secrets. Of course, if you’re perceptive enough, you can probably have it figured out before Violet does, because I’m sorry, but at times that girl was just a tad on the slow side…

LOVE TRIANGLE! For the love of all things holy, WHY? I mean, I knew there would be one; I tend not to be surprised anymore by them because it seems there can’t be a single YA book in which the protagonist is happy with the guy right in front of her :/ Seriously, I loved Lincoln from the first time he was introduced. I can understand why Violet was mad at him for not telling her his big secret, but it’s not like he really had a choice. He wanted to tell her, but wasn’t allowed. I just felt like she was a little too hard on him about that. I mean, she has to right to be mad for a while, but she was just plain mean and hateful at times and he was nothing but sweet. I wanted to slap her across the face sometimes. Phoenix was okay, sort of cocky, but not a bad guy. Well, that’s not true…I sort of want to say something here but it would be giving away too much so I’m going to move on before I say something that might ruin the book for you guys.

Overall, the writing was done very well. For the most part, I was caught up in the book, except at some points where I lost a bit of interest; luckily, my attention was never lost for long. I was iffy at first with reading an angel novel. I’ve read some which I really liked, and others that I just hated. I refuse to buy into that whole, “Angels-Are-The-New-Vampires” ideal because for one, it’s just plain stupid! Two, even if angels are the so-called “next-big-thing”, I’m entitled to my own opinion and don’t feel as though pop culture can tell me what I should or should not be reading. So now that that rant is done lol, I would recommend this book to angel lovers, but mainly just to those looking for a good paranormal read. It has the romance, suspense, mystery, and action, so basically something for everyone. I look forward to the next book.