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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins Wow. So where do I even start with this review? I guess I'll begin with saying how much I love this series. I literally devoured (okay maybe not literally) the first book and couldn't wait to get my hands on the second. And once I finished the second, I just had to read the last book and find out what happens.

These books are intense! Well, for the most part. I have heard mixed feelings on the ending of this series/book. Most people I know didn't like it. They liked who Katniss ended up with (I won't say who in case some of you haven't read it yet), but they didn't like the rest of it. I agree that maybe it's not the best book in the series, but I'm fairly happy with it. The two days I spent reading this, I just could not put it down for anything. My sister kept asking me to do stuff with her and I would say, "Okay, just let me finish this chapter." But I would get to the end of the chapter and something big would happen and I'd be all, "Ohmygosh!", and I wouldn't be able to stop.

So, with the Quarter Quell taking place in this book, and it being a big deal and all, I just knew President Snow would have something horribly devious up his too colorful sleeves. And boy was I right. Even though I sort of saw it coming, it still didn't prepare me for when I read Snow's announcement. I was like, "Are you for real?!?!" Seriously, these people have been through enough, why would he do that? Well, to answer myself, he's a sick, twisted little man in need of some other form of amusement because the whole Hunger Games thing is just cruel.

I found the parts where Katniss was in District 13 just a tad dull because she didn't really do much; they're underground so there's not much you could really do. I found the whole follow-Katniss-around-wherever-she-goes-and-film-her thing slightly irritating. I understand that it was used for propaganda but she's trying to save the world basically and can you imagine how annoying it would be to have someone all up in your face with a camera all the time? But in the long run, the videos did help so I can't really complain.

The whole time Peeta was in the Capitol I was pretty mad. Well, you know, I didn't want him to die or anything; I wanted him to be back with Katniss. And then when he finally gets rescued, he's all psycho and trying to kill her. The whole time he was brainwashed, I kept thinking I'm going to be majorly upset if he winds up still hating her in the end.

And Gale...GAAAHH! I hated that whole I'm-going-to-kill-everyone-in-the-capitol-even-innocent-children attitude he had going on. I don't understand how they could set bombs off on children. That was ridiculous. And if it was him that killed Prim accidently, if I were Katniss, I would never forgive him. I understand that he was angry at the capitol, but don't go after the innocent. A whole population doesn't need to suffer because the actions of a few individuals; which is why I don't approve of wars.

I felt like the ending was rushed in a way. One minute, she's watching the bombs fall, the next, she wakes up in a hospital bed and the war is over. I wished they would have said more on what happened to everyone else in the epilouge, like Katniss's mother and Gale. And I was so crushed when Finnick died, but glad he got to marry his love before he died.

Overall, I did like this book very much, despite what my review says that might contradict that. I'm so sad it's over but hope to see more from Ms. Collins in the future because these books are definitely in my top favorite series; up there with Harry Potter (which is always #1 of course xP).