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The Promise (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #1)

The Promise (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #1) - D.D. Chant First off, I would like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book for free. I was so excited going into the book, and was even more ecstatic when I actually began it.

This book was remarkable. D.D. Chant is a very talented writer; the Prologue of the novel drew me in instantly. I liked how it was a letter written by Lady Quill addressed to us, the readers; it was definitely a unique start.

I LOVED the historical aspect. I had been getting into Historical Fiction lately so this was definitely something that quenched my thirst for it. The story itself was captivating, and there were times throughout the book where I didn't want to put it down. The dialogues between the characters seemed natural and far from normal cliches.

I really liked the characters in general. Adele was a very likeable character, however, her friend Eda did get on my nerves just a tad sometimes. Lord Rafe...now, I feel like a lot of the problems the character faced in this book could have all been avoided if Rafe had just been honest about who he really was right from the start, but then, there wouldn't be a story would there? ;)

I felt that the reason behind hiding who he was to Adele at first was sweet in a way. He wanted to get to know his future bride, and to have her like him in turn for who he really was, not just because he was Lord Rafe and their marriage was forced. I liked how their romance blossomed; how he didn't fall instantly in love with her at first sight, but rather, the more he got to know her, the more his feelings began to grow.

Overall, this book was a fantastic start as to what I perceive to be a wonderfully intriguing series. I can't wait for more from D.D. Chant and thank her again for allowing me to review this amazing read.