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The Last Echo

The Last Echo - Kimberly Derting Kimberly Derting is by far one of my favorite authors. I absolutely adore her Body Finder series, and cannot wait for the next book in her Pledge series as well. Therefore, going into this book, I expected nothing but the best. And the best is what I received.

This book was suspenseful...and creepy. I'm not going to lie, the "girlfriend collector" was a major psycho and completely disturbed. I had a feeling that he would eventually go after Violet, but it still didn't take away from the overall feeling I got from the book.

I have to say, my best friend and I agree that Jay is pretty much the best boyfriend ever. He is so understanding and patient with her. And most importantly, he isn't creeped out by her ability. However, Rafe keeps getting in the picture and that's driving me nuts! I want Violet to stay with Jay, and so far so good, but there are these moments when it looks like she may be leaning the other way, and that's when I lose it.

The overall plot was amazing. I never came across a dull moment in this book. I found I actually liked the parts told by the "girlfriend collector" a lot. I don't really know why; I mean, he was totally creeping me out, but it was just...interesting, I suppose I'll call it. :)

If you have never read Derting's Body Finder series, I advise you to do it now. If you're looking for something suspenseful and different, then these books are for you. The writing just flows, and the story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time you're reading.