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Revived - Cat Patrick I have to begin by saying that I have become a huge fan of Cat Patrick's. I read (actully, more like devoured) her other novel Forgotten in a day. Weeks went by once I finished and I couldn't wait to get my hands on more of her work. So naturally, when I went home for the weekend and saw it sitting on the shelf of my old library, I greedily swiped it off the shelf. My eagerness had led me to have high expectations for Revived, but I never doubted it would be anything less than Forgotten.

Needless to say, I loved this book!

Daisy's character was very likeable. The only problem I had with her was that at the beginning, she seemed so whatever with death, which I assume is something that feels natural after you've died about a dozen times. She was pretty funny throughout the book, and I have to say that I loved Daisy and Matt together. I was also very fond of her relationship with Mason. He wasn't her biological father, but he played the role very well. You could tell he genuinely cared for Daisy. The blog that Daisy ran with her friend Megan sounded pretty awesome.

I found it interesting as well how they referred to the Revive Program leader as "God". Though the character himself isn't present throughout the majority of the book, he is referenced several times in conversations between the other characters.

The storyline itself was fantastic. It was something new and fresh. I can't go into much detail without spoiling the story so there won't be much of a summary. I will say that the ending was insane! The final chapters had a quick pace and I found myself unable to guess what was going to happen.

I absolutely loved Revived! I recommend it to anyone looking for a character driven, action-packed story. The theme of the story is that it's hard to deal with death that is so permanent; friendship also played a major role in the story. The writing was wonderful and refreshing. I can guarantee that I will read whatever Cat Patrick releases in the future. Her novels have easily become two of my favorites.