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The Coven (Sweep, No. 2)

The Coven (Sweep, No. 2) - Cate Tiernan Cal, now Morgan’s boyfriend, helps her accept the truth: Wicca is in Morgan’s blood. As Morgan learns more about Wicca, she realizes that she needs to find out more about her parentage. The answers are there, but she doesn'’t know how to find them.

So, after reading Melissa de la Cruz's Witches of East End, I was in a "witchy" mood.

I admit, I read the first book of this series a few years back, so it took me awhile to remember what had happened, but once I started reading this book, it all came rushing back to me.

Even though the book is lacking in size, a lot went on in the short 185 pages.

First of all, best friends should never let a guy come between them. Morgan and Bree had been best friends forever, but as soon as Cal came into the picture, their relationship become rather tense. Cal is the new, good-looking guy that every girl wants, but only one girl can have him. And the lucky...or should I say, unlucky, girl is Morgan. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Cal. He's great. The only problem with Morgan and Cal being together is that it tore Morgan and Bree away from one another. Bree had had her eye on Cal since he moved to town, and Bree always gets what she wants. Unfortunately for her, what she had her eye on this time had his eyes on someone else. So naturally, when Cal and Morgan let their feelings be known in front of the whole coven on Samhain, all hell breaks loose. Bree turns against her, forgetting their whole past together in an instant, and becomes all buddy-buddy with Raven. Now, if you read the first book, you know that Raven and Bree don't like each other. In fact, Bree and Morgan would always be making fun of her. But now, things change. The two girls now share a common bond: their hatred of Morgan fuels the fire in their new friendship.

But moving on, everyone hates each other. That much is obvious. More important though, is Morgan's sudden realization that she's adopted. You see, during Samhain, Cal tells Morgan she's a blood witch, so Morgan then realizes that means her parents must be witches as well. While telling this to her parents, things get heated. During the fight, Morgan says something along the lines of, "What, I'm adopted?!" Her parents' response: cold silence. Whoops, looks like the cat is out of the bag. This of course brings on all sorts of emotions for everyone. I understand Morgan's anger, but sometimes she was a tad too harsh, snapping at her parents, and her aunt. But, she was hurt, and the feelings she had were relatable for anyone who discovered the hard way that they were adopted.

Most of the book is about Morgan and her quest for finding out more about her real parents and her past. It was written really well, and I loved how there were two stories going on at the same time: each chapter began with a snippet from 'Bradhadair''s book of shadows. Later on, you'll be about to figure out who that is: I'm not going to tell you :P

The ending was such a chiff-hanger! I was so mad. I was like "Nooooo! It can't end like this!" Now, I have to track down the next book. This is definitely a good series to read, especially if you're in a "witchy" mood like I was :)