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Angel - Cliff McNish Freya's intense passion for angels led her into years of mental illness. Now, just when she's starting to believe she's normal again, a dark angel starts to follow her. Soon she learns a stunning truth: She is an angel herself. And an angel's job is nothing like she imagined it would be...

I wanted to like this book, I really did. But I cou;dn't get into it. For one thing, it bothered me, probably more than it should have, that I couldn't tell where the story was taking place. I just assumed England or some place in the UK by the way they talked, but sometimes is sounded like they were from somewhere else. Anyway, it was confusing.

Another thing, I didn't like the main character all too much. Freya...she just...I don't know...it wasn't even the whole angel obsession thing that bothered me, it was just her in general. She was too obsessed with being cool. That always irks me. Why do they feel they always have to be one of the "cool" kids? Especially, like in this case, the cool kids are a bunch of snobby brats? What really wanted me was the way she treated everyone. If she was trying to be one of the "cool" kids, she succeeded, because she was a snob. There was a moment when she was thinking about standing up for Stephanie (a homeschooled girl obsessed with angels; everyone finds weird) that I actually sort of liked her, but that's just it; she thought it. She didn't do anything. She let Any (the queen of her little pack) go up and mock her and tease her, for no reason, just because she was new. It bothered me, because Freya was the girl...at least she was until she dyed her hair blonde, put on make up, and bought expensive clothes. I get she had been through a lot, but still, there is a way you handle things. Just the way these 14 year girls acted really made me mad (as you can see)

I much preferred Freya's brother Luke. I was kind of down because he wasn't in there much more. At least HE stood up for someone who needed help :P

Anyway, in the end, Freya does come through for Stephanie (after crushing the poor girl's feelings). It was sort of predictable. Stephanie weirded me out a bit with her obsession with Freya, but she just wanted a friend and Freya was the only one who didn't think she was nuts, so I got it. In a nut shell, the book wasn't the worst book in the world, but I don't think I'd recommend it.