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Undercurrent - Tricia Rayburn One of my best friends first introduced me to the Siren series a while ago and I really enjoyed the first one. This book, however, disappointed me a bit.

It takes place where Siren leaves off, which was great. There were parts I liked, and others I didn’t, and some I just hated. My friend warned me that I would get pretty frustrated with Vannessa, and at first I didn’t understand why, but then, I did.

One thing that I absolutely loved in Siren was Vanessa and Simon’s relationship. Simon is such a sweet guy and he’s been in love with Vanessa since they were little kids, which only made their relationship all the more adorable. This book, however, crushed my hopes of a happy ending with the introduction of yet another infamous love triangle.

My favorite part of the whole book may have been Vanessa’s father’s story. I was really intrigued by it in the first book and was dying to know the while story. It’s rather complicated, as these things always are, but without it, I don’t know if I would have been able to endure the whole book. I felt like not much really happened until the last fifty pages. Most of it just seemed to be Vanessa agonizing over her relationship with Simon and the Parker situation.

I don’t really have anything against Parker. He’s just not Simon; and I’m going to leave it at that.

There were times also, when a chapter would end at a really intense moment, but when you’d start reading the next one, it would start off like a week later. I was always wondering why, because it felt like more should have been explained. It was like jumping from one place to another.

Overall, I’m not sorry I read it. It answered a lot of the questions I was left with at the end of Siren. It also made me form new questions, one being: What will happen with Vanessa and Simon’s relationship in the future? Vanessa, I might have lost respect for, but I do hope things work out. The one thing about love triangles is they always keep you guessing and wondering.